We have compiled a list of skate shops in NWA and nearby cities if you need to find skate product. Support local shops, they impact communities in many positive ways. Local shops sponsor events and have high quality product at the best prices without having to wait for shipping. Pick up your skate product today at one of these local NWA skateshops or swing by a nearby city!

The Path

Full service skate shop in Fayetteville Arkansas , weird little skate/longboard and outdoor apparel store located at 626 W. Dickson St. No. 6. Come see us for Skateboards, Longboards, Shoes, and Apparel.

Stash Skate Supply

Keeping NWA Skateboarding

Stash Skate Supply is a source for core skateboarding products in NWA that features brands from local/regional brands such as Plug from Tahlequah, Oklahoma and Creative from Kansas City. Stash Skate Supply is skater own and ran by Wesley McDonald.

Give Wes a call at 4796575376

Springdale Groove

A Groovy Skate Shop

The Springdale Groove Skate Shop is a family oriented, skater owned, sporting goods store and skate shop that carries local and major brands like Almost, Santa Cruz, Bones, Thunder, Independent and more located in Springdale, Arkansas! Springdale Groove also carries and services custom roller skates, inlines/quad skates and ice skates! If you need custom roller skate gear in Northwest Arkansas/NWA, Springdale Groove can help!