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Support NWA Skateboarding

As part of our mission to grow and support our skate community, we will be actively working on charity programs and fundraising campaigns that will help us get towards our goals, giveback to community, promote positive skateboarding, keep parks clean and promote local businesses/organizations.

Skateboarding has steadily became more popular in recent years by becoming more mainstream and now inducted as a sport in the Olympic games. Skateboarding not only impacts pop culture but also impacts the community as a whole, one skater at a time.

Besides it looking cool, there is an underlying value that many don’t think about when it comes to Skateboarding and that is its positive impact on the skateboarder which then impacts the community.

Skateboarding not only keeps your body healthy but it also helps build confidence to overcome fear, self-motivation and discipline to achieve skate trick goals, to persist and never give up on the trick you set to achieve and problem solving skills are built on when learning new tricks.

It has become more of a family sport as those who grew up addicted to skateboarding are now parents and as it always has been, its a great spectator sport.

This value needs to be nurtured and in Northwest Arkansas, we have a great opportunity to revamp our Skateboarding community to achieve that goal by growing and supporting skateboarding.

You can help make an impact with our history-making organization that will make a huge impact to the Skateboarding community for many years to come by donating to our operations, programs and events. We appreciate and accept any type of donations of funds and/or core skate product such as decks, shoes, accessories and apparel.

This will help us with operating the organization, charity giveback programs, events and other contests that will bring our community closer together and grow.

Make your mark on NWA Skateboarding history today. Check out our available donation and sponsorship programs below.

General Donations

We accept general donations such as funds and/or core skate products that will be used for operating the organization, legal documents, marketing/ads costs, funding charity programs & events/contests, cleaning skateparks and fueling other ways towards growing & supporting NWA skaters. Skateboarding and the community is as good as the effort you put into it and to grow the community, it would be a collective effort of skaters, spectators, friends/family, local businesses and other organizations. With all of our efforts we can make NWA a destination for Skateboarding.To donate products contact us here


Lets build NWA into a SKATE MECCA with The Skate Gardens of Northwest Arkansas! Skateboarding takes great skill and practice to learn and also the proper obstacles and facilities help nurture those skills.

Our idea is to have new, state of the art smaller skateparks with more greenspace in NWA cities accessed by the Razorback Greenway Trail system throughout all of NWA.

Each will have unique modern obstacle levels of street/transition to not only challenge skaters but also upgrade from our older existing parks that are falling apart. Skateboarding is now in the Olympics and with the proper facilities, we could have one of our own compete in the Olympics.

Lets build The Skate Gardens Of Northwest Arkansas and make NWA a SKATE MECCA! Contact at the button below to help build the skate gardens!


Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of supporting Arkansas newest premiere skateboarding championship event! The Arkansas Crown is a skateboarding championship made up of 6 competition stops at different parks in Arkansas. Skaters can win points and collect them to qualify to compete in the final. The top 6 skaters will compete to be CROWNED THE SKATEBOARDING CHAMPION OF ARKANSAS! You can sponsor us with your business/organization to make Arkansas first skateboarding championship the best it can be!

Sponsor us to be part of this annual historic event by heading to our contact page! All sponsors will be advertised across our web and social media, announced at the events and will have a spot for a booth at the events!