NWA is fortunate to have a few smaller skateparks throughout the area with many different setup of ledges, rails and ramps. Its great to mix it up and try tricks to challenge, the challenge is what makes skaters take their skill to the next level. Our skateparks are made of different materials, we have metal, skatelite/fiberglass, and concrete parks. Here is our current list of skateparks in NWA. Click “View Larger Map” to see photos and more park details.


The skatepark at Memorial Park in Bentonville, AR is one of the first skateparks in Northwest Arkansas. It an all concrete park that has been painted with a natural landscape, that some say, looks like a golf course. This park features a bowl, 6 stair with hubbas, wedge transitions, mellow quarter pipes, round flatbar and ledges of different sizes. This park is really great to cruise and flow in! Big plus: Park has lights that are on until 11pm!

Eureka Springs

Eureka Springs, AR skatepark is definitely unique and has been around and skated for a while. This park isn’t very big, its mainly a big, pool/bowl with a small street course that has a camel hump, bank to ledge, quarter pipes and a pyramid that is on the narrow side. This park has nice shade as its surrounded by trees but with that said, take a broom to clear any sticks from the park. Its a very fun park and in a very chill atmosphere. Stop by and check it out!


If you want to challenge your skateboarding then hit up the skatepark in Fayetteville, AR. Its another one of the first parks built more than a decade ago. This park is more of a plaza style in a bowl with the park being built into the ground. Features a 3 to 4 block, 8 and 9 stair with handrails and hubba going into a fun box with smaller hubbas and handrails surrounded by transition and ledges on the higher ground. Its a really fun park! Downside: No lights.


Gravette skatepark is a small yet unique skatepark. This skatepark is made up of concrete ledges, metal ramps,4 stair with handrail, and square/round flatbars. The ramps are in the middle surrounded by the street course. You will need to watch out for small rocks that spawn randomly, taking a broom would be a good idea. Gravette skatepark is a good park if you want work on some street lines. Downside: No lights at this park which would be even better if it did.

Praire Grove

Murph Pair Skatepark in Praire Grove is another skatepark in NWA that is made up of metal ramps, many different type of flatbars, unique curve/camel hump type rail, picnic table, hubbas down banks and a handrail down a stair set, and mini ramp. The layout is unique and allows you to skate lines around the whole park with the ramps being in the middle of the park. A unique feature is the hubbas, curves down in a slope instead of the traditional hubba and moon flatbar rail that is similar to ┬áthe one at Rogers skatepark. With Prairie Grove right outside of Fayetteville, its definitely a park to stop by if you’re in the area.


Rogers skatepark is a classic park that has been around for a long time now being opened in 2005. Its an all metal park and well known for it with some pretty creative art that was installed recently. A unique feature of this park is the moon flatbar, its a fun challenge and also tree with old skate shoes. Another major feature of this park is the unique vert wall that is fun to ride up to catch speed and launch out of the quarter pipe on the other side. Ledge and pyramid is also skater’s favorite. This park has dim orange lights that casts some shadow but still skateable. Rogers skatepark is a must stop if you’re in NWA!

Siloam Springs

Siloam Springs skatepark, on the border of Arkansas and Oklahoma consists of two sections/parks. The older metal part and then the more recent all concrete part. Both are fun to skate, beware that on the metal part there could be sand because its right next to a sand volleyball court. The whole skate park features a 4 stair set with handrail, fun box with a pyramid, mini-ramp, flat and round flatbars, ledges of all heights from short to tall, and a unique steep quarter pipe. This is a fun park with stadium lights on until 11pm.


What if we told you there is a Woodward park in Arkansas? Springdale features a pop-up skatepark by Woodward, the famous skate camp. This park is made up fiberglass type ramps and features a mini-ramp, banks, funbox with a handrail down a stair set and a round flatbar. This park is on the older side as well with being opened in 2005. You will need to watch out for certain parts of the ramp that is coming up on the fun box. Great open space to play skate in and funbox is great to catch air. Its a fun park to skate if you’re in Springdale or nearby.